Breast plastic surgery

Are large breasts pretty without reservation?
Natural-looking, elastic breasts with a moderate volume

Operation time Type of anesthesia in-hospital treatment Removal of the suture material in-hospital treatment Recovery process
Operation time
1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours
Type of anesthesia
General anesthesia or Intravenous anesthesia
in-hospital treatment
discharged from hospital on the same day
Removal of the suture material
after 7 days
in-hospital treatment
3 to 4 times
Recovery process
normal daily life is possible 3 to 4 days later


woomen's breast
What are beautiful breasts?
A girl’s breast with a hemispherical shape become a full bosom due to the hormonal effect as they grow to womanhood, forming an ideal size and shape of the breasts.
The breast has two goals to achieve: first, breast feeding function as a mother; second, sexual attraction as a woman. All plastic surgeries of the breasts must performed by preserving these two components.
The most ideal shape of the breast is a conical figure. When a woman is standing while gazing ahead straight forward, the line connecting the midpoint of the clavicle to the nipple form an equilateral triangle. When an individual views her breasts from the lateral side, the top of the bust must be at the midpoint between the shoulder and the elbow joint.
The golden ratio of the breast refers to it as the right path of the breast. The diameters of the nipple, the areola, and the breast must be harmonious to each other to have a beautiful breast.

Patients indicated for surgery

  1. Cases where there is the imbalance between the upper and lower bodies
  2. Cases where patients with flat breasts do not have confidence toward her spouse or partner
  3. Cases where patient’s breasts changed due to childbirth and breastfeeding
  4. Cases where no clothes can give good appearance

Types of prosthetic material

The most beautiful breasts are assured whichever prosthetic material you choose at Yoonho Hospital
There is the most appropriate prosthetic material to fit in with your physical type and characteristics. Thus, we recommend the most suitable prosthetic material through accurate analysis and consultation.

Cohesive gel Normal saline Water drop type
Definition This product was first developed by McGhan Company, U.S.A. (Presently, Allergan) in 1993. It was experimentally used until 2006, and was approved in July, 2006. Currently, it is the most frequently used product. t is a safe product since it is filled with normal saline, which is the same component of body fluid. This product was approved by Korean Food and Drug Administration in 2012. It has a water drop shape prosthesis filled with the cohesive gel. The texture type is only available
Advantages The touch is the most similar to the breast tissues. Also, the cohesive capacity of the gel is high, and does not spread out. The strong external covering makes it difficult to rupture. This prosthesis is safe even if it is ruptured since its component is identical to that of the human body. Normal saline is infused into it after the prosthetic external covering has been inserted during surgery. Thus, it needs a small incision. Owing to the water drop shape of the prosthesis, it is helpful in patients with flat breasts; it is especially helpful in patients with scanty breast in the lower portion.
Disadvantages The extent of the incision is longer than that of normal saline prosthesis. A rupture may not be realized right away. Tactile sensation is less desirable, and it may be easily ruptured. The touch may be rather solid, and the prosthesis is expensive.
Shape Cohesive gel Normal saline Water drop type


The most frequently utilized cohesive gel and normal saline prostheses are divided into texture and smooth types. Only the texture type is produced for the water drop prosthesis.

Smooth type prosthesis Texture type prosthesis
Definition Has a smooth surface. It is a product with a delicately coarse texture surface; it has minute texture on the smooth external covering.
Surgical method A space larger than the size of the prosthesis is made during surgery, so that it can be moved around within the space. The breast size is made during surgery, so that the prosthesis can fit it tightly; the prosthesis is fixed in.
Advantages Natural movement and tactile sensation. Owing to the development of a thin capsule, the external covering of the prosthesis may be felt easily on the surface in patients with a thin or less-elastic breast skin.
Disadvantages It is required to have a massage for at least six months to prevent tissue adhesion. Owing to the development of a thin capsule, the external covering of the prosthesis may be felt easily on the surface in patients with a thin or less-elastic breast skin.
Recommended Patient Cases with decreased breast elasticity Patients who have a soft breast skin, but have a flat breast without volume. Cases with a certain amount of breast volume. Patients with tough tissues and muscles of the breast, making it difficult to have a massage.


Types of incision area

In cases of having an inappropriate selection of incision area and improper fitting of a prosthesis, the prosthesis may move around freely, the appearance of the nipple may not be suitable, and it may lead to disfiguring breasts. Thus, it is important to decide after consultation with a well-trained specialist.

Axillary incision Areolar incision Incision of the lower breast line
Recommended Patient Most patients of breast plastic surgery, unmarried women. Patients with frequent exposure of their armpit (the axilla) like models and celebrities. Re-surgery cases and patients with sagging breasts. Patients with frequent exposure of their armpit (the axilla) like models and celebrities. Re-surgery cases and patients with sagging breasts.
Advantages It does not leave a scar in the breast; it does not reach the mammary gland. Good blood flow leaves a small scar. It improves the breast shape in re-surgery cases and cases with sagging breasts. It allows the removal of the capsule. A wide visual field is secured during surgery, and recovery is fast.
Disadvantages Recovery is slow in comparison with that of other incision type. It is not appropriate for patients with a small areola since a scar may remain in such patients. A scar may be seen when one lies down.


The features of breast augmentation at the Plastic Surgery, Yoonho Hospital

01) Individualized, 1:1 customized plastic surgery
We provide patients with adequate information about breast augmentation through sufficient preoperative consultation. Furthermore, in consideration of physical characteristics of an individual, we carry out 1:1 customized medical care service such as providing information and matching the size and form of prosthesis, type of content in the prosthesis, the surface material, and incision method.
02) A natural feel just like your own breast
03) Precision surgery utilizing endoscopy
04) Pain is minimized with a minimal incision
05) Ultrasound diagnostic system
06) Thorough postoperative services after breast surgery