What is Yoonho Hospital’s distinctive
“JYH vaginal plastic surgery?”
Vaginal plastic surgery is a surgical procedure not commonly encountered in either a local hospital or university hospital setting. The sexual satisfaction largely decreases in women after childbirth. Nevertheless, the analysis of such compromised sexual function and proper management modalities have not been suggested yet. Dr. Yoonho Jo, the hospital director, who has steadily performed women’s plastic surgery since 1993, carries out “JYH vaginal plastic surgery”himself at Yoonho Hospital. The “JYH vaginal plastic surgery” with safety assurance was uniquely developed by Dr. Yoonho Jo, the hospital director. This surgical approach is recommended for all women with the anguish about plastic surgery of the female perineum.

Advantages of “JYH vaginal plastic surgery” at Yoonho Hospital

Twenty-year surgical experience and know-how of Dr. Yoonho Jo, the meister of women’s plastic surgery
Vaginal plastic surgery had been developed for the first time in Japan; she was the only country, in which this surgical approach was performed. Only few doctors could perform this procedure in Korea at that time. Formally, Korean women were quite closed about female sexual life and satisfaction. They were frustrated with the decline of sexual function after childbirth, but they thought that they could not be helped. There were no doctors to resolve their compromised sexual function and patients took the unresolvable issue as a matter of course. Dr. Yoonho Jo, the hospital director, encountered the surgical technique at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Eulji Hospital, which was the most famous in Korea then in the late 1980s. He was the only clinician, who undertook 1:1 training as a resident doctor in Japan, the principal country of such foremost surgical technique. Furthermore, he has developed and performed a unique surgical method to renew the muscular contractility and freely move the vaginal musculature of her own will.

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Advantages of resurgery of vaginoplasty at Yoonho Hospital

Minimal dermabrasion of the mucous layer   Safe surgery
Strengthening of vaginal muscular contractility Enhancement effect of sexual sensitivity ▲
Perfect suturing Delicate manual dexterity
Immediate confirmation of surgical results 100% patient satisfaction

01. Yoonho Hospital’s JYH vaginal plastic surgery a safe surgical technique that well preserves the nerves and vessels in the vagina through very thin and minimal dermabrasion of the mucous layer of the vagina.
02. It is a surgical method that semi-permanently strengthens the muscular contractility, rather than having surgery that causes pain by making the vagina excessively narrow.
Her capability of freely controlling the vaginal musculature has an excellent enhancement effect on the sexual sensitivity of herself and her male partner. The Kegel exercise, the commonly known vaginal muscle workout, may improve vaginal contractility. Nevertheless, too much effort is needed and dropping out in the middle of Kegel exercise makes it difficult to reach the desired effect. Patient satisfaction in improved muscular contractility, achieved through JYH vaginal surgery, is very high. Such enhancement could not be attained from the exercises.
03. The confident practice of impeccable suturing assures very high success rate in the surgery.
Vaginal surgery is a challenging operation that requires utmost manual dexterity and surgical capability of a surgeon, which would largely determine its success.
The cylindrical shape of the vagina is a narrow space, to which two fingers may barely be entered, and not too many surgeons can delicately suture in such a tight room. In other words, anyone can attempt to do the needlework for making clothes, but the clothes created by a master needlework artist of a celebrated brand of apparels cannot certainly be imitated. The reason for not performing vaginal plastic surgery ubiquitously, up until now, has been attributed to the scarce availability of surgeons with such a delicate dexterity. At the women’s plastic surgery clinic of Yoonho Hospital, patients may be assured of a successful operation since Dr. Yoonho Jo, the hospital director, with a marvelous master’s dexterity of 20-year surgical experience, himself performs the surgery.
04. Patients can verify the result of strengthening of the muscular contractility immediately after surgery.
An operation is performed under sedative and local anesthesia. Patients may verify the result through a monitor immediately after surgery.

Disadvantages of general vaginal plastic surgery
The adverse reactions and ineffective results of vaginal plastic surgery are often voiced. Such utterances come from erroneous common knowledge, and are due to a scarce number of doctors and hospitals that can properly perform vaginal plastic surgery.
Postsurgical adverse reactions and ineffective results come from an operation as follows:
01. The anterior portion of the stretched vagina has been narrowed, but the overall reduction of the volumetric space of the vagina has not been performed. This type of surgery may cause pain, and even hemorrhage, in both partners of the male and female. The reduction of the anterior aspect of the vagina causes pain when the male penis enters into the vagina through the narrow orifice of the anterior vagina. The stretched and wide internal muscles of the vagina are left unchanged, making it difficult to attain a satisfactory sexual sensitivity.
A prospective male may have an instant pleasure of having his penis passing through the narrow orifice of the vagina early on. However, this instantaneous satisfaction diminishes as his female partner complaints of pain and he also perceives the slackened inner wall of the vagina after a certain interval. Such surgery ignores the fact that overall volumetric reduction and intensification of the sensitivity of friction must be made throughout the entire length of the cylindrical vagina, which has been stretched and slackened, so as to increase sexual sensitivity and satisfaction in both partners.
02.An operation that makes excessive excisions of the muscles and nerves in the vagina as the surgeon focus merely on making a narrow vagina. This reduces vaginal excretion and cause dyspareunia and an orgasmic decline.
Insertion of vaginal prosthesis, carried out by some clinics, during surgery, may cause inflammation and such prosthesis is irrelevant to the heightening of female sexual satisfaction. The internal aspect of the vagina has numerous vessels and nerves that serve to reach an orgasm in harmony with the friction brought on by the penis. Massive vaginal denervation can cause an embarrassing situation of having an insensitive vagina, despite the fact that the vaginal space has been narrowed.

Disadvantages of general vaginal plastic surgery
03. An operation with a laser that cannot reach the innermost aspect of the vagina Laser surgery is well-indicated for cases involving the anterior portion to the midpoint of the vagina, and for cases encompassing the labium minor.
In cases of long sexual activities or with numerous abortion history, the pudendum outside of the hymen and the vagina inside of the hymen are subject to stretching. In women with an already severe vaginal laxity, her male partner may easily be suspicious of their woman who underwent only the hymen reconstruction with a blood stain procedure. Thus, the vagina needs to be narrow and the hymen requires reconstruction so that the original morphology of the perfect hymen is recovered.