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What is the clitoris?
The glans clitoris

The glans clitoris

The clitoris is the most part infemale sexual feeling. The clitoris, which corresponds to the penis in the male, is located at the top side of the pudendum. It is highly innervated, and one of the typical zones of female sexual felling. Many women reach an orgasm and become satisfied with a soft stimulation of the clitoris, rather than having a direct penile insertion. The clitoris is an important organ in sexual feeling. as much as this aspect has already been widely known. however, there are cases where women themselves may not be aware of it and is left unnoticed, since it is not big and is often covered with clitoral epidermis. Sexual arousal may be different depending on the extent of clitoral exposure and the state of epidermal covering. Porper exposure of the clitoris helps women to reach an orgasm somewhat easier in their sexual life.
What is circumcision of the clitoris?
Circumcision of the clitoris removes unnecessary epidermis that covers the clitoris, and exposes the clitoris. Thus, making it sensitive enough for even a small amount of sexual stimulation.Thus, this surgical procedure helps to reach sexual arousal and orgasm, which you may have not felt before. It is important that plastic surgery of the clitoris is performed to be harmonious with the shape of the labia minor.

Cases necessitating circumcision of the clitoris

  1. The clitoris is not well-exposed since it is excessively covered with clitoral epidermis.
  2. Self-confidence drops due to the odor during oral sex.
  3. An orgasm is difficult to reach since finding the clitoris is difficult during oral sex.
  4. The enlarged labia minor cover the clitoris; and in such a case, circumcision of the clitoris
    and labiaplasty of the labia minor are performed together.

Surgery Information

Operation time Type of anesthesia in-hospital treatment Removal of the suture material sexual activity:
Operation time
within 30 minutes
Type of anesthesia
local and sedative anesthesia
outpatient treatment:
1-2 times a week after surgery
discharged from the hospital on the same day of surgery
sexual activity:
1 week after surgery.


Advantages of circumcision of the clitoris at Yoonho Hospital

Increased elasticity and sexual feeling
The clitoris is a very small and sensitive organ, and its surgery requires a meticulous delicate surgical technique. Yoonho Hospital brings you satisfactory results to patients by providing a highly trained and thorough individualized design.

The gorgeous labia major
At Yoonho Hospital, circumcision of the clitoris is a very simple procedure that takes about 10 to 20 minutes. It is painless and safe without adverse reactions, while its recovery is fast.