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What is the hymen?
The hymen is the tissues of mucous membranes partially surrounding the edges of the vaginal orifice. The hymen may play a role of protecting the body from external foreign bodies or pathogens. However, it has largely been recognized as the representation of virginity. The types of hymen are quite varied. It is ruptured by the very first sexual activity, horse riding or fierce exercise. About 30% of women have no bleeding in their first sexual activity, and it is erroneous to associate virginity with bleeding.
Shape of the hymen
Shape of the hymen
Rupture of the hymen
Rupture of the hymen

Cases necessitating hymen reconstruction

1. The hymen is ruptured by exercise or other causes, despite the fact that you may be a virgin.
2. You want to make your future husband happy.
3. You want to be psychologically dignified to your prospective spouse before you are married.
4. You want to forget the past, and have the feeling of the “first time” once again.

Surgery Information

Operation time Type of anesthesia in-hospital treatment Removal of the suture material sexual activity
Operation time
15 to 20 minutes
Type of anesthesia
local anesthesia
Outpatient treatment:
1 ~2 times after surgery
2 weeks
sex activity:
2 weeks after surgery


Blood stain surgery
Blood stain surgery
1. What is blood stain surgery?
Hymen reconstruction takes time for recovery after surgery. When a patient is urgent, it is a simple surgical method used to show a blood stain during sex.

2. Applicable patients
Women who desire a first sex promptly, and want a simple procedure without the burden of surgery (Duration of the procedure: 5 minutes)

★ Just prior to sexual activity or women who do not have time to undergo hymen reconstruction surgery; the procedure is effective 2 to 3 days before sexual activity.

Advantages of hymen reconstruction at Yoonho Hospital
01.100% Satisfied! Failure-free surgical results assured
The results of blood stain on the day of the honeymoon are important for a patient, even if the patient underwent a hymen reconstruction at a renowned hospital. Yoonho Hospital assures 100% satisfactory surgical results without failure.
02.ZERO surgical stain
03.Individual privacy is absolutely guaranteed

Recommended concurrent surgery
Recommended concurrent surgery
In cases of long sexual activities or with numerous abortion history, the pudendum outside of the hymen and the vagina inside of the hymen are subject to stretching. In women with an already severe vaginal laxity, her male partner may easily be suspicious of their woman who underwent only the hymen reconstruction with a blood stain procedure.
Thus, the vagina needs to be narrow and the hymen requires reconstruction so that the original morphology of the perfect hymen is recovered.