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What is labiaplasty of the labia major?

at cell hypertrophy of the labia major Fat cell hypotrophy of the labia major

Fat cell hypertrophy of the labia major       Fat cell hypotrophy of the labia major

Fat Grafting of the Labia Major
The labia major consists of the adipose tissues at the outskirts of the labia minor. It usually protects the labia minor and the clitoris by pushing and covering them in standing position, and plays the role of a cushion during repeated acts of sexual intercourse.
Owing to inherited attribute, excessive dieting or aging after childbirth, the fat layer of the perineum also become diminished. The adipose tissues are collected from a patient’s thigh, and then transplanted to the labia major, so as to attain sexual satisfaction and esthetic contentment.
Liposuction of the Labia Major
This procedure is a liposuction of the labia major, used in cases where deep penile insertions are restricted or appears ugly due to fat accumulation in the labia major.

Surgery Information

Operation time Type of anesthesia in-hospital treatment ormal daily life is possible the day after surgery sexual activity:
Operation time:
1 hour to 2 hours
Type of anesthesia:
sedative anesthesia
about 3 weeks
normal daily life:
possible the day after surgery
sexual activity:
1 month after surgery.


Postoperative Effects or surgical effect

Increased elasticity and sexual feeling
In cases where the perineum is abundant and its elasticity returns with enough adipose tissues, fat reduction allows deep insertion and sexual satisfaction.

The gorgeous labia major
The wrinkled area becomes smooth and tightened, and the elasticity is rejuvenated or fat reduction occurs. Thus, a patient externally becomes prettier and young.