After making a big decision, ineffective results or adverse reactions in female plastic surgery may be unutterably exasperating.With specialized surgical techniques of the Hospital Diretor, Dr. Yoonho Jo, the meister of women’s plastic surgery, even resurgeries are performed perfectly!
Resurgery is more difficult than first surgery, and is difficult to bring out perfect results. It is of utmost importance to select a specialist for women’s plastic surgery with plenty of experience.

Causes of resurgery of vaginoplasty
  • Vagina laxity recurred with frequent sexual activities after undergoing incorrect surgery of simple reduction of the vaginal orifice.
  • Dyspareunia (sex pain) occurs due to excessively narrow vaginal orifice or unnecessary excision of the vaginal mucous membranes.
  • The feeling of vaginal laxity still remains after surgery, and the surgical effects are not perceived.
  • An implant is separated or exposed and leads to an infection after undergoing an implant vaginoplasty.

Surgery Information

Operation time Type of anesthesia in-hospital treatment Removal of the suture material sexual activity:
Operation time within 1 hour Type of anesthesia partial and sedative anesthesia outpatient treatment: 1-2 times after surgery recovery: takes 4 weeks for complete healing sexual activity: 4 weeks after surgery.


desire of the patient. In particular, a proper combination of sedative and partial anesthesia insures a nearly painless operation during surgery.

The operation is completed within one hour. After surgery, the patient may walk out of the hospital after resting for 30 minutes. The mucous membranes of the inner vagina are innervated by the visceral nerves, and they are less sensitive to pain. Thus, there is less pain after surgery. However, the extent of postoperative pain varies among individuals. It is a stiff and dull pain, and does not largely interfere with everyday life.
At Yoonho Hospital, the pudendal block is performed so as to have nearly no pain after surgery.

Advantages of resurgery of vaginoplasty at Yoonho Hospital
01. Strengthening muscular contractility of the vagina = The effect of increased sexual feeling; UP!
In compliance with the principles of vaginoplasty, the flaccid or damaged levator ani muscle is reliably separated and connected.
In cases where there is a weakened or nonexistent vaginal contractility function, despite a narrowed vagina, which had been operated at another hospital, resurgery is performed largely to help improve muscle contraction.
02. 20 years’ surgical experience and know-how of sex plastic surgery meister, Dr Yoonho Jo, Hospital Director!
03. Minimal dermabrasion of the vaginal mucous membrane
04. Delicate manual dexterity, perfect suturing = high surgical success rate
05. Possible concurrent surgery
06. Verification of surgical results

Resurgery of the Labia Minor

√ Cases where the size of the labia minor decreased by surgery performed at another
hospital, but it is neither pretty nor symmetric.
√ Cases where there still is discomfort felt by wearing tight blue jeans and leggings,
and the sanitary problem has not been solved.

We recommend resurgery of the labia minor with confidence at the Yoonho Hospital.