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What is surgery of the labium minor?

The labia minor is an organ with two flaps of skin on either side of the vagina and urethra. When the labia minor become abnormally big, asymmetric, or highly pigmented, a simple procedure of surgery of the labium minor is applicable. This labiaplasty is required for women with discomfort of a malformed labium minor. In cosmetic surgery of the labia minor (labiaplasty), a laser is used to transform various forms of the labia minor to an appealing shape. This surgical procedure performs not just simple reduction of its size, but also reforming of overall shape and balance, thus requiring a meticulous technique.
Furthermore, the appearance of the labia minor is important for the psychological satisfaction of women themselves, as much as external morphology. Thus, it is recommended to consult with a specialist, before deciding on such surgery.

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Cases necessitating labioplasty of the labia minor

Ideal labia minorVarious shapes of the labia minor

Cases necessitating labioplasty of the labia minor

  1. In the event of oral sex, you may lose self-confidence due to the shape and odor of the labia minor.
  2. You dislike bilateral asymmetry of the labia minor.
  3. A long stretch of the labia minor interferes with sexual activities.
  4. You feel uncomfortable as the trousers fit tight with the bulky labia minor, due to the enlargement of the labia minor.
  5. The labia minor are unsanitary due to the contamination caused by vaginal excretion or urine.
  6. The bulky labia minor stick to the labia major, causing sweating and itching, which in turn creates an environment that favors fungal growth.
  7. A particular part of the labia minor protrudes out.
  8. The extended length of the labia minor interferes with sexual activities.
  9. You have a difficult structure, with the flaps of the labia minor covering the clitoris, which also makes it difficult to feel sexual sensation.

Surgery Information

Operation time Type of anesthesia in-hospital treatment Removal of the suture material sexual activity:
Operation time:
within 1 hour
method of anesthesia:
local anesthesia + sedative anesthesis as needed
in-hospital treatment:
1~2 times
full recovery takes 2 weeks
sexual activity:
possible 3 weeks after surgery


Advantages of surgery of the labia minor at Yoonho Hospital.
01. 20 years’ experience and surgical knowhow of the meister of women’s plastic surgery, Dr. Yoonho Jo, Director of Hospital.
With respect to labiaplasty of the labia minor, a preoperative design is very important. At Yoonho Hospital, this surgery is performed not just simply to reduce the size, but also in consideration of the overall shape and balance of the perineum. We provide an individualized custom design, along with plenty of surgical experience, to bring you the most beautiful pinkish labia minor.
02. A special fine suture material is used + It is pain free and a scarless surgery.
03. Minimal Anesthesia Utilized

Postoperative Effects or surgical effect
No worry about the shape and odor of the labia minor during oral sex
01. No worry about the shape and odor of the labia minor during oral sex -> Recovers self-confidence.
Some patients undertake labiaplasty due to a complexity of the shape of the labia minor. However, many patients decide to go through the surgery due to their worries about the odor arising from the labia minor during oral sex.
The hypertrophied labia minor, which cannot be neatly maintained, become small and gourgeous. It gives esthetic satisfaction, becomes free from the worries from odor, and allows you to recover self-confidence from being daunted by your partner.
 Resolve the issue of discomfort and sanitation.
02. Resolve the issue of discomfort and sanitation.
abiaplasty eliminates the discomfort felt by wearing tight blue jeans and leggings, and resolves the phenomenon of seeing urine flowing along the side of the body.
Also, labiaplasty decreases the frequent inflictions of vaginitis due to hypertrophy of the labia minor, and reduces secretion and odor.